The Silver Heights Restaurant opened its doors at 2169 Portage Avenue in June, 1957.  Former cabbie Anthony Siwicki Sr. had no idea it would still be going strong today!  His operating philosoply was simple: “Provide your guests with quick and friendly service, and to serve fresh, delicious quality food at a reasonable price”….and to keep it that way.  The restaurant is now in its third generation going forward.

Silver Heights Restaurant was slowly transformed form a coffee shop into a lounge and dining room and bar.  The adjoining hardware store on the East side became the dining room.  In 1964 Tony bought out his three partners and his three sons Jim, Dave and Allan have grown the business.

Today, Jim, his wife Maureen and their two sons Tony and JC operate the restaurant.  They have turned it into one of the most popular eateries in the city, and the lounge into a classic neighbourhood bar.

“Everyone knows each other here” said Jimmy, and that makes for a great congenial atmosphere.

“The best deserve the best, and that is why we only buy and serve the best”, said Tony when talking about his cooking.  “We’re known for our barbequed baby back ribs – their tenderness, taste and the way they fall off the bone.”  We serve only Certified Angus Beef for all our beef and we only buy fresh ingredients.  Everything is homemade!

Be well, live well, and eat well are just a few of their secrets to success, because life is all about having a good time.

So tonight, whether you’re in our dining room or lounge, please enjoy your evening and thank you for creating memories with us.

family smallThe Siwicki family

Sue, Tony, Jimmy, Maureen, JC
Declan, Mikenna